Unrivaled by Alyson Noel

Everyone wants to be someone

U28259153nrivaled is #1 New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël’s first book in a thrilling suspense trilogy about how our most desperate dreams can become our darkest nightmares.
Hollywood Boulevard is a place best viewed behind a pair of polarized lenses and lowered expectations.
Yet if you know where to look (and if you’re fortunate enough to boast a spot on the guest list), it’s an oasis of the city’s hottest nightclubs—a hedonistic haven for the young, fabulous, and rich.
But there’s no exiting through the gift shop if you buy a ticket to this show. Once you push past the velvet ropes and pulsing crowds, you might never escape.

‘Unrivaled’ is sexy and mysterious – a world where nothing is as it seems and our most desperate dreams become our darkest nightmares. A quick, easy read, ‘Unrivaled’ will have you up at all hours frantically turning the pages as you delve deeper into the web of deceit. Reminiscent of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ but executed brilliantly, ‘Unrivaled’ earns 4 shinning Hollywood stars.

Layla Harrison, Aster Amirpour and Tommy Philips have all ventured to Hollywood for their own reasons. Layla wants to make it as a journalist, Aster wants to see her name written across the sky in lights and Tommy wants to be a famous musician. All will do whatever it takes to see their dreams a reality but Madison Brookes took destiny and made it her bitch long before. Hollywood’s darling and the world at her perfectly manicured finger tips, Madison worked hard to claw her way to the top. Surrounded by mystery and threatened by a past that refuses to stay buried, she will do whatever it takes to stay on everyone’s lips and see it burned forever.
When Layla, Aster and Tommy are lured into the VIP world of Hollywood’s nightlife and a fierce competition where Madison is the target they believe their dreams are finally within reach. That is until Madison goes missing leaving behind a trail of lies and a devious web of deceit. Suddenly they find themselves buried in the lies they’ve spun and the secrets they hold. One things certain – they’ll need more than money to get them out of this one.

Set underneath the scrutinizing, watchful eyes of the Hollywood sign and the unforgivable California heat, ‘Unrivaled’ takes us into the scandalous lives of Hollywood’s elite and the dark, twisted world of fame. We as readers leave the mundane world we’ve perceived and are pulled deep past the perfectly manicured hedges and gated mansions into a world of lies, betrayals and mystery. The novel follows the perspectives of all four character’s and through alternating chapter we gain insight to their motives, inner persona and secrets. Each characters voice was clear and unique, there was never a doubt who’s story we were following and it provided little cliffhangers, foreshadowing and great pacing. This was the technique that kept me turning the pages, needed to know what happens next. Unlike other novels with alternating perspectives, Alyson Noel uses this to leave us wanting more and tangle the web even more to keep us guessing. The character’s were memorable and flawed, the setting was vibrant and tantalizing and the plot was executed exceptionally well, leaving us on a giant cliff hanger desperately awaiting for the next installment.

So, I would highly recommend Alyson Noel’s ‘Beautiful Idols’ series, it’s a perfect read for those fans of Sarah Shepard and Cecily von Ziegesa or those wanting a glimpse behind Hollywood’s facade. It’s sexy, mysterious, gripping and fun – the perfect friday night read.


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