Tea Leaves Book Club ~ June Read


Hey Bloggers!

Mondays can be truly depressing days. The weekend is over and we all must pull ourselves out of bed and into the cold (well, if you live in the southern hemisphere like me!) and off to our occupations whether they be schooling or work. So, to shed a little light on this otherwise kind of gloomy day here’s the Tea Leaves Book Club June read!

As you may have seen, our genre for the month of June is fantasy but what is fantasy? Fantasy is a epic genre that sweeps us off into whole new worlds, whether they be parallel to our own or entirely other dimensions. Fantasy is a genre that primarily uses fantastic elements such as magic and the supernatural as well as the use of imagination to weave it’s plot, crafting new settings. It was original tales, myths, folklore and legends that eventually gave birth to the fantasy genre with many works today still taking inspiration from these tales.

So, when choosing a theme for our fantasy month I asked myself what is the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the world “fantasy”? Now I know that this answer varies from individual to individual but for the most part, we generally associate new worlds with the genre. We think of strange lands such as Oz. We think of parallel universes such as Wonderland, Narnia and Nerverland. We think of secret worlds concealed within the mundane like the Wizarding World and Idris. We think of other dimensions such as Westeros,  Erilea and Prythian. So, the theme for our fantasy month is “other realms”.

The book I have chosen for this month is none other than the epic sequel to the highly acclaimed A Court of Thorns and Roses and the second in high fantasy trilogy, A Court of Mist and Fury. This trilogy has been inspired by tales such as ‘beauty and the beast’ and ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon’ with undertones of other legends from mythologies. Our author, Sarah J. Maas, also author of the ‘Throne of Glass’ series, has been described as “the queen of fantasy” for her immerse worlds, strong heroins and beautiful witting. This series takes us into Prythian, a world ruled by creatures know as the Fae with it’s seven mystical Courts. Dangerous creatures and adversaries stalk the undergrowth where beauty and darkness reign and no human is safe  – so what book better fitting for this months theme? Please join us in our goodreads group here to join the discussion or simply read along here! I can’t wait to read this book with you!

“Feyre is immortal. After rescuing her lover Tamlin from a wicked Faerie Queen, she returns to the Spring Court possessing the powers of the High Fae. But Feyre cannot forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin’s people – nor the bargain she made with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre is drawn ever deeper into Rhysand’s dark web of politics and passion, war is looming and an evil far greater than any queen threatens to destroy everything Feyre has fought for. She must confront her past, embrace her gifts and decide her fate.”


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