Life Update

So, you may or may not have noticed (depending on how many people actually read this blog – hopefully a few!) that over the past month I have been more than a little MIA. This can be further proved by the fact that there have been no, none what so ever blog posts during the month of July. Why? Well I am here to clear this up and to apologize profoundly for my brief absence, trust me when I say I have missed blogging and I have missed you even more! AND – I have a lot of posts and goodies planed for the months of August and September to make it up to you! (Starting with my rather long and intense review of the eighth and final Harry Potter book, ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’. Click here to see the full review.)

So, over the course of July I moved house! Yay! I (well my family and I anyway) have been building our very own house for the past year (and scrimping and saving in order to do so!). It was a very big move into the first house that we have actually owned (trust me when I say how exciting it was to actually hang a picture on the wall – renting sucks) and took weeks of packing and then two weeks of moving everything from one house to the other ( oh, and then cleaning the rental house for hand over). On top of that, I started working at my first full time job. Now these major events are all well and good but you wouldn’t believe the amount of stress and time that went into both of these tasks. Working full time in a bustling restaurant is tiresome. It keeps me on my feet and leaves me exhausted to say the least and moving wasn’t much different. So sadly I found myself with no spare time to write even the smallest of posts or reviews.

On top of that again is the fact that where I have moved to is a brand new subdivision, a new estate. My family and I were the very first ones to move in, we’ve only been here 3 weeks and already I have a few neighbors but the underground cables for wireless communications have yet to be installed. That means no internet, wifi or cable, no T.V. (although we can watch dvds thank god!) and no phones. It’s an adventure but it has made me feel as though I am living in the stone age! You don’t realize just how much we need and rely on the internet to live and go about our daily lives until suddenly it’s gone. Now the bad news is that it might be as late as September or October before we have access to any of these things ( I know! URH!) but I have figured out how to balance my busy schedule so that I can get to the library  or internet cafes to post any reviews or updates.

Basically I’m trying my hardest to get new content to you! So I am sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, I’m still here, still writing and still blogging – I’ve just been set back a month. So please, bare with me as I settle into my new routine and life and get back into the flow of posting my reviews and blog content. I have not forgotten you – thank you for staying and waiting ever so patiently over this past month. You are seriously the best! I can’t wait to be blogging and chatting with you again soon.

Love, always
Lexie (books and Tea Leaves)




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