Life Update & Absence + New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year you filthy animals! ๐Ÿ˜‰

As we ring in the New Year 2017 I’d like to share my New Years Resolutions for 2017 and also share a little about my absence during the close of 2016. I fully admit that I am perhaps not the best blogger. I try – I really try but sometimes life catches up with me and I find myself pulled away for short periods of time. The thing is I hit a bit of a stressful and rough patch the past three months. I was being verbally and emotionally abused in the workplace which not only ignited a seriously negative mindset but also one of the largest reading slumps of my life. I was barely reading for three months and those books I did manage to push through I was unable to review.

I am a person who strongly believes in quality over quantity. I won’t post everyday because when I do post I want those creative juices flowing. I want it to be my best writing, a great review and something that I am proud to own and put out there for the world to see. Sadly I was not inspired to write and when I did force my butt in the chair to try to review or complete a quirky book tag my writing came out forced and wasn’t by any means remotely good.

So I took a break whileย I got my life in order. This was a very challenging time and yet my friends and family supported me to the ends of the earth. After one particularly bad week resulting in a breakout of eczema ย my family finally convinced me that I needed to take care of my health and quit. So I did. Now this was much harder than it sounds. Not only did my boss treat me like complete and utter crap when I handed in my weeks notice but suddenly I was jobless with not a whole lot of experience. For a young person in the workforce with not many qualification nor experience finding a new job is tough. It took months before I finally landed the job that was perfect for me.

Now I’m working in retail at a Jewellery Company with lovely staff that make coming to work fun and not just another chore. Over the Christmas break I was picking up a lot of hours as being a highly respected jewellery store it is our busiest time of the year. So now I was hardly reading and blogging because suddenly I had no time on my hands.

But the good news? Things have calmed down now that Christmas has once again come and gone. I’m not working as much giving me more down time and more opportunities to read and blog – the two things I love doing the most in the world. So I just want to say thank you for those who stuck by the blog (sadly I did lose half of the followers) and I just want to apologize for my extended absence. Hopefully now you might understand why it was necessary to take a break. I was burnt out and I needed the time to come to terms with life and get those creative juices flying once more.

More good news: during 2017 I’m going to have more regular blog post, posting at least three times a week and I promise to let you know if a break is in order (sorry guys – I should have done that in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Each week will bring new reviews, a fun book tag as well as recommendations and quirky little skits. Let’s get those followers back and more and create a fun, positive space to make bookish friends and chat all things books. I’ve missed you guys and it’s so good to be back and writing!

But before I get onto the New Years Resolutions I just want to send a message to all of you. Abuse of any kind in the workplace is not on. No one, no matter your age should be verbally abused when they come in for a days work. Work can be hard and stressful enough without adding workplace bullying and harassment to the list. Let’s keep our workplaces positive, we want to come to a happy, carefree environment not one filled with hatred, negativity and depression. If you are struggling with a similar situation please report it. Workplace bulling and abuse is an offence and you can be fined and charged for intentionally abusing another person. We need to speak up, whether you are a young adult like me, middle aged or even close to retiring. Let’s think about this as we move forward into 2017 and actively try our best to make our workplaces safe and friendly. Spread love, kindness and understanding not hatred.ย 

Love, Lex

So, New Years Resolutions inspired by Disney:

I had these adorable resolutions pop up in my Facebook feed the other day and thought they were so inspiring and cute.

  1. Make new friends
  2. Never give up
  3. Always wonder
  4. Explore new worlds
  5. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
  6. See the good in others
  7. Respect the Earth
  8. Find your inner warrior
  9. You can do anything
  10. Jump into new adventures
  11. Be brave

4 thoughts on “Life Update & Absence + New Years Resolutions

  1. I am so sorry to hear you being treated like this but I am glad you quit and that things are better for you now. Those resolutions are lovely and are good goals to stick to. Hope you have a lovely new year!

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