So a few great things have happened in the space between posting Best and Worst of 2016 Part 1 and now part 2. Firstly – i’ts now officially 2017 so Happy New Year! Secondly, only yesterday I officially closed a chapter of my life – I turned 20! No longer a teenager I am so ready to take on the world as I venture forth into a new decade and plenty of new books.


I’m getting ahead of myself – before we run towards 2017 let’s reflect back on 2016. I’ve shared my top five picks for 2016 so now let me share some of the books that just didn’t cut it for me. And, let me tell you book nerds it is quiet a controversial list yet don’t let my thought deter you from what could be an epic read. This is merely my opinion and by now means the only or right one. What I might have found the worst could be one of your best reads! Enjoy 🙂

Worst Books of 2016

I read a total of 55 books this year which is okay considering I completed my goodreads reading challenge of 50 books and missed out on a few months due to the reading slump but next year I know I can read much more. According to goodreads, I’ve read 22,163 pages with my shortest being ‘Yellow Brick War’ by Danielle Page at 270 pages and my longest being ‘Queen of Shadows’ by Sarah J. Maas at 645 pages. I think we can all say that some books were a lot better than others – this could have been due to a number of reasons. Maybe the pacing was a little off. Maybe I didn’t connect with the characters. Perhaps even the author’s writing -while not bad- didn’t quiet click with me. What ever the reason here are a few books that for whatever reason I didn’t get into:

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton 

24934065I wanted to like this one, I really did. Actually no – I wanted to Love ‘Rebel of the Sands’. The premise of this debut really intrigued me. I love Aladdin and the Arabian Nights and wanted to see what a western set in the desert would offer. Plus – a protagonist who’s “more gun power than girl”? Um yes please! Yet as I delve into ‘Rebel’s’ pages I just con’t get into it. I wasn’t bored, I still can’t pin point exactly what was going on I just… wasn’t in the story’s world. When I read I literally become the character. My overactive imagination runs wild and suddenly I’m not reading – I’m racing through the desert on the back of a majestic horse. Yet I couldn’t do that with ‘Rebel’. I was always only seeing the words on the page. I will admit that by the end of the novel I’d semi-what enjoyed it and I will still pick up it’s sequel ‘Traitor to the Throne’ in 2017 but ‘Rebel’ just didn’t meet my expectations.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell 

26196299This was another book that I have very high expectations for. I am no stranger to Rainbow Rowell’s works. She is a fantastic writer with the knack of relating so well to the YA community, making her characters feel so real. I loved ‘Fangirl’ and couldn’t wait for ‘Carry On’ it’s companion and yet, once again I couldn’t get into it. There was perhaps even more buzz and hype surrounding this than ‘Rebel’ and in the same way I just didn’t get it. Something just didn’t click for me. I have still yet to complete ‘Carry On’ but I do plan to finish it. I really don’t like to DNF books (well, not unless that are really, really bad anyway), I’ve just placed ‘Carry On’ on-hold until I feel like picking it up again. That might be 2017 or it might not – we’ll see I guess.

Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye 

28595084‘The Crown’s Game’ was my kind of book. Picking it up and glancing at the blurb I was sure I was in for the read of my life. Empirical Russia? Um – Yes! Enchanters and old magic? Hell yes! A potential love triangle? YAS! (I know – don’t judge me guys but this is the one over used trope I actually heart). I was hooked from page one and then -. Nothing. I was really feeling this, what with the ball scene and all (think ‘War & Peace’ like) and yet suddenly I was thrown out of the loop. ‘The Crown’s Game’ has a lot of mixed reviews. It’s not for everyone. It’s slow building, not as magical as I’d hope with a case of insta-love. Not that it’s bad but much like with ‘Carry On’ I just didn’t click with the world. So basically I’ve put ‘The Crown’s Game’ on-hold until I feel right to pick it up again. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon because so many people have told me it gets better and I do want to pick up the sequel.

So there you have it my fellow book nerds my Best and Worst of 2016! What books did you read this year? Did you meet your goodreads challenge? What books did you love? Hate? Let me know below and as always – Happy Reading!

Love Lex xxoo




2 thoughts on “A YEAR IN BOOKS – BEST AND WORST OF 2016 PART 2

    • I know! 😦 I read your review and I was like way couldn’t have that been my reading experience 😦 😦 :(. I will admit that around the time of reading it i wasn’t in a very good place to I’m hoping to pick it up again soon because I want to love it so bad. Who knows? Maybe reading it when I’m in a better mood will help me to enjoy it 🙂


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