Hello, I am Lexie and welcome to Books & Tea Leaves.Why don’t you pick a book that sparks your imagination, pour yourself a soothing cup of tea and make yourself comfortable – let’s read together for a while. But, first let me tell you a little about myself…

I was born with an overly intense imagination sparking a long-term passion for all things books. What can I say? I’m a confessed book shopaholic and proud. I’m constantly captivated by a novel’s sole ability to transport its readers to enticing worlds where princesses roam, adventure abounds and love conquers all. I love to read YA, Historical Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Classics & Literature, Paranormal, Contemporary & everything else in between.

You can usually find me in either one of four places; curled up with a freshly brewed pot of English or Irish breakfast tea and a good book, scribbling away in my journal working on my next “novel”, typing away on my laptop posting my next blog post or combing the shelves of my favorite book shops. When I’m not reading, I’m constantly seeking adventure which is why I’ve developed a love for road trips and travel. If I’m not travelling? Then I’m most definately re-watching my favorite Disney movies yet again because Disney is life.

Here at Books & Tea leaves I share book recommendations, Tags, hauls, bookish related quizzes and interesting quotes, book trailers and other related videos as well as any upcoming releases and bookish news.

My Ratings:

★★★★★: Oh my dear sweet lord – I can’t breathe. This is my new baby. Please excuse me while I stalk fan art and re-read over and over. Probably comes with a massive book hangover and/or a new book boyfriend too.

★★★★: Uh-Ma-Zing! This book is now sitting right smack on my favourites shelf. Still obsessing and/or reeling but perhaps one or two flaws that prevented a 5 star rating. Highly recommend.

★★★: Really enjoyed, this was a good read though not without its flaws. Probably a light and/or fluffy read or perhaps it didn’t quite click with me. Still recommend.

★★: Hmmm… Not feeling this one. It’s not terrible but for some reason or another I’m just not connecting with either the characters or story. Major flaws but perhaps a few enjoyable moments.

★: NOPE. WTAF is this cretin? I’m returning the book and getting my money back. Out for blood – what did I just do with my time and what is life?!?!?!

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