Magic Mondays ~ Cinderella


Happy Magic Monday bloggers x (although on Tuesday… sorry for the delay guys!)

In keeping with the tradition of the Snow White Magic Monday, today we are discussing books that are all things Cinderella. Whether they be inspired by this classic tale in part or full,a retelling or even just novels with characters or plots that remind me of the kind, optimistic heroine from Disney’s classic film. Much like last Monday, the novels featured below are gathered from various genres so that hopefully there should be a retelling to suit each of your refined reading pallets! Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney films and one of my favorite princesses. Why? Maybe because her story explores universal themes which still resonates with both children and adults alike today. Cinderella teachers us the importance of never letting ugly experiences and grief darken our beautiful hearts. She shows us that not only can a new pair of shoes change you live but we must take control of our own destiny. When her dream prince didn’t come to whisk her away from the abuse and misuse she was subjected too she went out and got him. Cinderella showed us that kindness and courage is a superpower. Keep on reading for 6 magical tales as enchanting and unique as Cinderella’s own glass slippers…

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Magic Mondays ~ Snow White

snow white

Good morning everyone, happy Magic Monday!

Today I’m excited to tell you all about an exciting new weekly themed post I’ve created. So
it’s no secret that I love all things Disney, so I’ve combined it with my other favorite thing: books – because we all love a good retelling every now and again. Each week I’ll bring you a new character and a whole lot of books inspired by that character or their fairy tale. These books will span across a wide range of different genres so there should hopefully be a retelling to suite everyone’s refined tastes. This Magic Monday I’m bringing you everything Snow White because what better way to kick off our first Magic Monday than with the princess who started it all? Snow White, she was the sweet compassionate princess of the Disney lineup. She was the very first animated character to ever feature in a full length animated motion picture and also the very first animated character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Snow White is gentle and soft spoken, her trusting nature often leading her to trouble who’s songs filled our childhood. Keep reading to find six enchanting books inspired by our leading lady that are no poison apple! Read More »