July Wrap-Up & August TBR


Hey my fellow book hoarders/aholics/lovers/nerds and happy August. Wow. I made it. That’s really all I can say – July was one hectic month for me, gold star to me for surviving. Surprisingly, amidst moving, starting a full time job and dealing with the usual mundane I managed to find the tie to read a grand total of 10 books this month. I know. Where oh where did I find the time? Trust me, even I don’t know how I managed it. But I did and, I think 10 books is a personal best. Okay, so there was really 9 but one was a bind up of two books so yeah. Technicalities man. Technicalities. Now, as we venture forth into August and I solider on, staying not one, not two but a grand total of 6 books ahead of my goodreads reading challenge I thought I would share my reading month.

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Happy July everyone, I hope you had a productive month and powered through your June TBR’s. I didn’t get through quiet as many books as I’d hoped – don’t I always – due to packing up and getting ready to move. Luckily I persuaded my mum to let me pack my treasured bookshelf on the final day (What? Boxes make the pages yellow and besides – I just couldn’t bare to box them up yet!) so though my room may be looking a little boring I still have my beautiful bookshelf lining my wall. But, the best thing about moving into a new house is getting the chance to buy a new book shelf! I’m so excited (please don’t judge me!) because I haven’t had a new shelf in about eight or nine years and it’s getting rather full. I think I ran out of shelf space last year and yet they still accumulate! I’m planning to do a DIY built-in case, one which will take up an entire wall in my room so once I’ve moved and got it finished I’ll do a book shelf tour (you may be waiting a month or two though!). Anyway, sorry for my side story and now back to the wrap-up/TBR. I managed to read 5 books and start 2 amongst my boxing and packing which trust me – if you saw my house you’d be astounded I manged that many.

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May Wrap-Up & June TBR


Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful month packed with plenty of reading! This month I didn’t get around to reading nearly as many books as I’d originally envisioned. As you will all know, sometimes life just gets in the way and things happen sparking slumps or eating away at your precious reading time. Both these can be said for me during the month of May. Towards the beginning of the month I had some emotional family crises, sparking a terrible reading slump. No matter what I tried I just couldn’t make my mind focus on the words and drift away into the story. So, instead of only skimming the words without getting swept away from the mundane I waited for it to pass which, luckily it did! ┬áNext, after reading a few books y busy scheduled came into play. Seriously, May just wasn’t cutting me any slack! But, despite the mishaps, I managed to read 5 books and start 2 (which I plan to finish in June).

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